ACT—Adults and Children Together—Raising Safe Kids

We are a program of the American Psychological Association and it's Public Interest Directorate. This blog is for parent group facilitators to share their ideas and experiences in working with the ACT Raising Safe Kids Program. It is a place to post information, ask questions, share research findings, offer suggestions as well as dialog with other ACT Certified Parent Group Leaders.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

ACT training

Claudia and I trained 22 members of our community in the Parents Raising Safe Kids program on April 1 &2. The training went very well. There are definite plans for some of the attendees to take the program to their agencies and offer the series to their clients. The response was overwhelmingly positive.


  1. There was a question about what worked and what didn't for our training.
    Following the 2 day schedule for training went well. The program went smoothly.
    The only difficulty was the occasional challenge to statements that were made regarding suggestions for proven parenting practices. The group helped in providing responses that are in line with the Parents Raising Safe Kids teaching.
    So, in summary, the program went very well.

    Sharon Souza

  2. What on-going support for the newly trained facilitators did you set in motion at the meeting? Did you use the evaluation instruments provided to us in DC?